Deborah Kelley
Deborah Kelley Chief Scientist

Deborah Kelley is a Professor in the UW School of Oceanography. She was involved in the discovery of the Lost City Field in 2000 when she, Jeff Karson a ...

John Baross
John Baross Biologist

Professor of Oceanography and the Astrobiology Program at the University of Washington specializes in the ecology, physiology, and taxonomy of microorganisms from hydrothermal vent environments, and ...

Gretchen Früh-Green
Gretchen Früh-Green Geochemist

Gretchen Früh-Green is a senior scientist at the Institute for Mineralogy and Petrology at the ETH in Zurich. She was the first person to recognize the remarkable discovery of Lost City as she ...

Billy Brazelton
Billy Brazelton Post-Doctoral Researcher

Exploring environments on Earth that can serve as useful analogs for possible habitats on Mars and other extraterrestrial planets is one important facet of Astrobiology. I work with an interdiscipli ...

Marv D Lilley
Marv D Lilley Carbon at Lost City

Marv Lilley is a Professor in the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. He has worked on the Lost City system since its discovery in 2000. His work focuses on understanding the car ...

Tim Shank
Tim Shank Biologist

Tim Shank is the main biologist working on the animals from Lost CIty. His research focuses on understanding the ecological and evolutionary processes that structure genetic diversity and function i ...

Dave Butterfield
Dave Butterfield Chemist

Dave is an expert in the chemistry of hydrothermal vents in the global ocean. He has worked extensively on the Juan de Fuca Ridge, Kermadec Arc, at Lost City and in the Marianas. He uses fluid chemi ...

Jeff Karson
Jeff Karson Geologist

Jeff Karson's research focuses on the structural and tectonic analysis of rift and transform plate boundaries. He uses systematic collection of geological data to determine the geometry, chronology, ...

Mitchell Elend
Mitchell Elend Oceanographer

Mitchell Elend is an Oceanographer in the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. He spent several years in the Coast Guard and is a graduate of the UW. As part of the RSN Team, Mitc ...

Alden Denny
Alden Denny Research Scientist

Is a research scientist working for Dr. Deborah Kelley at the University of Washington.  Prior to UW he received his BS in geology from Western Washington University, and participated in resear ...

Kristin Ludwig
Kristin Ludwig IODP communications manager

A recent graduate of the University of Washington under the advisement of Dr. Deborah Kelley.  Dr. Ludwig's work focused on the growth, chemical, and mineralogical evolution of the chimneys wit ...

Dana Yoerger
Dana Yoerger Senior Scientist

Dr. Dana Yoerger was the lead developer of ABE and lead the ABE team during the 2003 NSF funded expedition to Lost CIty. He is a Senior Scientist and Woods Hole and has recently ...